Client Results


       Reduced processing time of A/R Aging system in VB/SQL Server with tens of millions of records from 10+ hours to under 50 minutes while increasing reliability from 40% to 99+%; accuracy from 89% to 100%; monitored system 7 days a week.  Beginning of shift data availability for 200+ call center & collections people.


       Provided an Access application for in-house A/R collection teams which increased collections by over 300% using existing staff.


       Discovered and suggested resolution of billing errors providing an 8-figure adjustment.  Prevented the refund of over 7 figures worth of erroneous credit balances.  Enabled client identification of mid-six figures worth of unbilled annual revenue.


       Corrected and enhanced a mailing list/ contributions Access application for a not-for-profit resulting in reports & mailing lists being produced accurately in seconds where previously they where inconsistent and took hours to produce.  Increased productivity of staff and volunteers using the system over 50%.


       Corrected an existing VB/SQL Server application for a nation-wide oil & gas property tax tracking/analysis system to allow automatic tax year roll-over and year-to year comparisons; enhanced the capability for more granular analysis of tax liability.  Saved Big-n Accounting Firm calendar and personnel time.


       Improved a financial reporting system in MS Access from a 160 person-hour monthly process to 4 person-hours while correcting numerous processing errors, and adding color multi-year revenue and profit charts by region, district and division.  Reporting turnaround dropped from 10 to 1 business day.