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Internet Risks - Viruses, Hoaxes, and Scams

Hardly a day goes by that there's not a new virus (or worm or trojan horse - the differences are unimportant to the average user and we'll refer to them generically as viruses below).  The best protections are:

  • Keep  virus scanning software up to date
  • Keep Windows critical updates up to date
  • Keep Microsoft office critical updates up to date
  • Do not open a suspicious attachment, especially if the email was unexpected or has a .exe, .bin, or .com extension.
  • Ignore and delete "chain letter" type emails.  Bill Gates is not giving out money for sending e-mails, there is no Nigerian lottery, there's no sick kid collecting emails before he passes on.

Note if you do get a email with a virus - the "From" entry is probably not the person from whose computer the email originated.  The virus writers have become adept at scanning an infected computer's email address book and blasting out emails using "From" and "To" addresses randomly from those addresses.

The (relative) good news recently is that most of these viruses do not seriously harm the infected computer - in many cases they do clog the internet with traffic and may target a specific organization (Microsoft, some governmental agency, etc.) with huge numbers of of emails from all infected computers.

The bad news is there's more viruses being written and distributed plus they're getting harder to detect and neutralize.  Experts are concerned that new viruses could erase hard drives and/or send out sensitive information.

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